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1 Star: Lifewit Dog Toys, Toy Ball for Dogs Dental Treat Non-Toxic Strong Tooth Cleaning Dog Toy Balls for Pet Training/Playing/Chewing

I have 3 fur-babies that I love dearly.  Since J and I don't have any kids yet, they are are spoiled little children.  Funny enough, Honey, the smallest one, is the most aggressive chewer.  The staff at my local pet store refer to her as an extreme chewer.  She can chew threw a tire in less than a day!  Her favorite thing to do with "babies", as we call dog toys, is to chew a hole in them and then gut them (pull all the stuffing out).  She can do this to a stuffed animals in less than 5 minutes.

I was sent an offer to try out this dog toy from LifeWit on Amazon.  It's labeled and advertised as a toy for aggressive chewers.  When it arrived, I was a little skeptical about the durability.  The outer ball material is about 1/8 inch thick and squishy.  Inside that is a hard ball about the size of a racket ball.  

I gave it to Lincoln first since he is my most delicate chewers.  He loved it and played with for a good 15 minutes before Honey, the alpha, decided she wanted it…

5 stars: Sukey D ring Locking Carabiner Keychain Spring Clip Lock

I use carabiners all over the place.  I have my keys on one so I can clip them to my bag or purse and not have to search for them.  I have them on my id badge at work so I can easily take it off to open doors.  I even use them to keep all my hair ties organized.  The ones I normally buy from my local big box store have to be replaced every 3 or 4 months because the spring starts to wear out and then doesn't keep the carabiner clip closed.  It was time to replace my clips again and I saw this set on amazon.  

I was attracted by the screw lock and the color choices.  Right now, the set is $12.88 for 10 which comes out to about $1.29 each.  The ones I normally get are $3.99 each and don't have the lock.

The set comes with 10 clips in different colors.  There is also a blue and black one that isn't pictured because it's on my id badge at work already.
The colors are powder coated on so the paint is durable.  I've been using these clips several ties a day since I got them …