1 Star: Lifewit Dog Toys, Toy Ball for Dogs Dental Treat Non-Toxic Strong Tooth Cleaning Dog Toy Balls for Pet Training/Playing/Chewing

I have 3 fur-babies that I love dearly.  Since J and I don't have any kids yet, they are are spoiled little children.  Funny enough, Honey, the smallest one, is the most aggressive chewer.  The staff at my local pet store refer to her as an extreme chewer.  She can chew threw a tire in less than a day!  Her favorite thing to do with "babies", as we call dog toys, is to chew a hole in them and then gut them (pull all the stuffing out).  She can do this to a stuffed animals in less than 5 minutes.

Honey and her adopted "puppy" Trillian


I was sent an offer to try out this dog toy from LifeWit on Amazon.  It's labeled and advertised as a toy for aggressive chewers.  When it arrived, I was a little skeptical about the durability.  The outer ball material is about 1/8 inch thick and squishy.  Inside that is a hard ball about the size of a racket ball.  

I gave it to Lincoln first since he is my most delicate chewers.  He loved it and played with for a good 15 minutes before Honey, the alpha, decided she wanted it.

Once Honey got a hold of it, the real durability test began.  

Within 10 minutes, she had chewed several pieces off the top of the toy.

I ended up taking the hard ball out of the middle and giving it to Sweetie.  She loves playing with balls and it is now one of her favorites.  I threw the outer part away because I didn't want Honey to chew any more pieces off and risk her ingesting them.  I contacted the company about it and the only response I got was "Oh No".  For price, this toy is not worth it.  I guess if you have a dainty chewer it would be ok, but since it is labeled for aggressive chewers it's a total fail.

I received this product for free for my honest review.


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