5 Stars: Calily Life Organic Dead Sea Salt with Eucalyptus, 32 Oz. – Luxurious and Therapeutic Bath Salt Soak – Rejuvenates, Relaxes and Soothes Mind and Body

I love these bath salts from Calily.  Normally, I use Epsom salts once a week in my baths.  I have found a great replacement!  
These bath salts are infused with eucalyptus oil which makes them smell kind of citrusy.  Eucalyptus is noted for it's anti-inflammatory, stimulating and decongestant properties.  If you are starting to feel sick, this feels great in a hot bath and can help flush toxins out of your body.  The ingredients list is short - dead sea salt, eucalyptus oil and fragrance.  I am allergic to many man-made chemicals that go into beauty products, so I love the purity of Calily's stuff.  

The salts are very easy to use - just dump some in your bath while the water is running so that the salt can dissolve; step into the bath and relax.  Afterwards, my skin was really soft and I smelled amazing (according to my husband).  The bottle is just shy of 32 ounces (about the size of a yeti-style cup or a large soft drink cup) so it's a bargain at $14.95 on Amazon.  

My next venture is to try using these salts in bath bombs.  I'll probably have to grind them down a bit finer, but I think it will work great for bombs.  
I received this product at a discount for my honest review.


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