5 Stars: Calily Life Organic Tea Tree Oil Foot Soak with Natural Dead Sea Minerals , 17.5 Oz. - Foot Bath Eliminates Odors, Fights Fungus, Softens and Refreshes Feet

I love this foot soak from Calily.  These bath salts are infused with tea tree oil which makes them smell floral and piney.  Tea Tree oil is noted for it's anti-microbial and decongestant properties.  Using this foot soak can help treat or prevent common foot issues like athlete's foot.  It is also great for encouraging healing of the skin, so if you have blisters or abrasions on your feet, this will help those things heal.  The dead sea salt helps pull toxins from the body.  
The ingredients list is short - dead sea salt, tea tree oil and fragrance.  I am allergic to many man-made chemicals that go into beauty products, so I love the purity of Calily's stuff.  The salts are very easy to use - just put 3 tablespoons into a hot foot bath and soak your feet in it for about 20 minutes.  

Afterwards, my feet were really soft and many of my calluses were starting to slough off.  I used some of the soak as a scrub to get the rest of the calluses off.  The bottle is just shy of 16 ounces and you only use 3 tablespoons at a time so it's a bargain at $14.95 on Amazon. 

My next venture is to try using these salts in foot bath bombs.  I'll probably have to grind them down a bit finer, but I think it will work great for bombs.  

I received this product at a discount for my honest opinion.


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