4 Stars: FTLL 3D VR Virtual Reality Headset Glasses VR Box Goggles for iphone 7/7 plus iPhone 5 5s 6/ 6s plus Samsung Galaxy S4/5/6/7/C5/7/A3/7/5/9 Edge Note 4/5/6/7 LG G5 for Android and IOS

I have tried several VR glasses out recently and this pair from amazon ranks in the top.  They are sturdy and fairly easy to use.  Right now, they are $28.99 which is way cheaper than other name brand ones.  After trying out both high-end, name brand ones and off brand ones like these, I don't see the point in paying a high price for the name.  The technology is the same in all of them.

These VR glasses work by downloading and opening a VR app on your phone.  The phone is put into a flip down box on the glasses.  This set has suction cups to hold the phone in place.  Close the door and enjoy the experience.

These are comfortable to wear and have adjustable straps to fit perfectly and not fall off.  The distance between the lens can be adjusted as well as the focus.

I gave these 4 stars because the suction cups did not attached to my phone.  I have a Galaxy S7 Active so the back is textured.  Also, some VR apps require the screen be touched to start the experience, but it is hard to touch the screen and then put the phone into the googles quickly to not miss anything.  It works ok for non-interactive apps like ones where you are swimming with whales or walking in space.  It does not work out well for apps that require interaction like hunting for sharks.

(Sorry for the off-center pics.  It's not easy to take a selfie while wearing glasses)

I received these at a discount for my honest opinion.


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