5 Stars: Pictek FM Transmitter, Bluetooth Handsfree Car Kit Radio Adapter, Wireless In-Car FM Transmitter with USB Car Charger,TF Slot, U-Disk Port, AUX Input

My husband's car radio doesn't have an auxiliary port and it annoys him that he can't play music from his phone or internet in his car.  The radio he wants to replace it with is several hundred dollars, so I wanted him to have a cheaper solution.  I came across this FM transmitter and thought it would make both of us happy - he would be able to play his music and I wouldn't have to drop a couple of hundred dollars on a new radio.  On Amazon right now, it is selling for $19.99.

My husband was really skeptical about the quality of sound it would produce, but he was pleasantly surprised.  It sounds as good as if it was playing on a radio station or coming directly out of his phone.  The range is really good, too.  He was about 50 feet from his car with his phone and it was still working beautifully.

The transmitter plugs into a cigarette lighter.  Then the car radio is tuned to any unused station, then tune the transmitter to that same station.  Using Bluetooth, connect the transmitter to the phone.  If you don't have Bluetooth or it doesn't connect easily, it comes with an auxiliary cord to hard wire connect it.

The transmitter also has the ability to accept phone calls.  We haven't tried that part yet, so I don't know how the quality is for that.

It is also convenient that it has 2 USB charging ports on it, so you can charge your phone while driving.


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