3 Stars: (4-Pack) Ultracell 3.2V LiFePo4 14500 AA 700mAh Rechargeable Battery for Solar Panel Light, Tooth Brush, Shaver

I bought these rechargeable batteries on Amazon for some battery operated lights I recently bought.  I got these at a discount for my honest opinion.  I am not being compensated for a positive or negative opinion.

 ***Warning: These are not really AA rechargeable batteries.  They will burn out anything that requires AA batteries.***

I didn't realize when I bought these that they will not work in things that take normal AA batteries.  Typically, AA batteries are 1.5V.  These are labeled as AA but are 3.2V.  What this means for someone who doesn't understand voltage ratings (like me), when I put these batteries into my light strand, the power box started smoking.  I called my engineer brother and he said the batteries were producing 9.6 volts when my device needed 4.5 volts to operate.  That's over twice the amount of power necessary!  

The description and title does say that they are for solar panel lights, tooth brushes and shavers, but doesn't list a warning telling the consumer to check the required volts needed.  My shaver and solar lights take regular AA batteries, so I didn't pay attention to the volt rating.

I did some research on my own and it isn't typical for companies to label these as AA because it can cause confusion (D'UH!)  Normally, they are labeled with their volts and amperage and devices they are compatible with, for example, stake solar lights like the ones that people use to line their driveways or sidewalks.  Also normally, these kind of batteries are solid colored to differentiate them from "regular" batteries like the one below.  (This is a rechargeable battery in a fan I reviewed previously)


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