4 Star: BiliLife Automatically Pet Dog Water Dispenser Leak-proof Fountain Feeding Water

I bought this BiliLife Automatically Pet Dog Water Dispenser Leak-proof Fountain Feeding Water on amazon.com for my dogs kennel.  I usually put a bowl of water in her kennel when we would leave the house.  No matter what kind of bowl I put in there, she would figure out a way to make a mess.  Either she would turn the bowl over or she would get her bedding in the bowl.  I wanted to try a bottle dispenser to see if that would work out better.

The bottle holds 1 quart of water.  It has two hooks that hang onto the side of the cage.  The bottle rotates around in the hook bracket so the bottle can hang inside or outside of the cage.

The bottle has a metal spout with a ball bearing in the end, much like the bottles used for rabbits or other small caged rodent-type animals.  It took a few times of pushing the spout in my dogs mouth before she figured out how to use it.  She can use it, but it isn't her favorite.  She prefers a bowl over the bottle, but if she spends all day in her kennel, I can feel assured she has access to water.

I gave this bottle 4 out of 5 stars because it is advertised as leak-proof.  The ball-bearing doesn't always fall down into the spout fully to stop a slow drip.  If this does happen, it is a really slow drip - like 1 drip every five minutes, but it is enough to make her bedding damp if we are gone longer than a couple of hours.

In full disclosure, I received this product for free for my honest opinion.  My opinion is true and honest and I am not being compensated to give a positive review.


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