5 Star Review: Veemoh Camera Diva Ring Light LED Cell Phone Lighting for Photography

I bought the Veemoh Camera Diva Ring Light from Amazon to take better pictures of things with my phone.  I received this product for free for my unbiased review.  I have used this light for a month and love, love, love it!

I'm not a selfie-type person.  I guess I'm from the wrong generation.  I use this light to take pictures of items I'm reviewing for companies, for my blog and for my vinyl monogram business.  This light has 3 different light settings so I can adjust it to whatever I need.  In the package is the light and a remote for snapping pictures.  I actually thought I wouldn't use the remote much, but I found that if I put my phone in my octopus phone stand, the remote is wonderful!  I can set up my products in my photo box, put the phone on the octopus and adjust the image on my screen and snap away.

The light is about 3.25 inches in diameter.  You must supply 2 AAA batteries, but I happen to have some on hand so it wasn't too big of a deal.  Right now I'm using disposable batteries.  I've used the light every day for 3 weeks now and they still work.  I may change to the rechargeable kind at some point in the future.

 To clip it on your phone, you squeeze it like a clip.  Since I'm using it for pictures of things and not selfies, I clip it so the light is on the back of my phone.  As long as I push the light all the way down, the plastic clip doesn't interfere with pictures.  If I don't push the light all the way down, I can see some white from the plastic in the bottom of the pictures.  When put on the front of my phone, it goes well below the camera so it doesn't show up in pictures, even if the light isn't pushed down all the way.


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