5 Star Review: Dimore Print Voile Fashion Scarves-long Voile Chiffon Scarf Wrap for Womens

I bought this Dimore Print Voile Fashion Scarves-long Voile Chiffon Scarf Wrap for Womens from Amazon.com because I like scarves and loved the color and pattern on this scarf.  I live in Texas so it is hot (90's and above) most of the year.  I prefer the light, gauzy scarves because I can wear them year-round. 

This scarf is the perfect weight for summer wear.  As you can see, it is thin enough to see my hand through.  I loved the weight and feel of this scarf.  I didn't even notice I was wearing after about 15 minutes. 

The scarf is an infinity scarf, teal in color, with a repeating elephant family design on it.  The largest elephant is about 4 inches wide.  The color is really vibrant and the pattern is recognizable (not always the case).

Since the scarf is an infinity scarf, it can be worn several ways.  I like to wear mine wrapped around my neck once or twice.  I know there are many places to look online for ways to wear it other ways, I just haven't really tried anything else that I liked.  Here is a link to a pin from my Pinterest with other ways to wear infinity scarves. 

The tag says that this scarf is made out of Viscose.  After some research, viscose is made from purified cellulose from wood pulp.  It is as soft and light as cotton and is supposedly as durable as cotton.  It is similar in structure to rayon, but is made of wood pulp so it's a more natural alternative to rayon.

I received this product at a discount for my honest review.


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