5 Stars: JASTEK 8pin Mini USB Port Type C Multi Charger Cable - Black

If you are anything like me and my co-workers, everyone has different kinds of phones and none of them seem to use the same kind of charger.  In my department, I'm the tech-gadget person.  My co-workers come to me when anything that has to do with technology because I always seem to have a solution for them.  This includes a charger for their phones or other devices when they forget theirs.  I currently has a dual charger - micro-usb and lightening, but I needed a charger that also did mini-usb as that is what my camera needed.  I found this charger and it has been a life-saver.

I call it the Octopus (I know, I know, it only has 6 legs so it would be more of bug like a cockroach, but who wants to say "Let me get my cockroach out for you."!)  It has 1 USB A Cable (or as I call it, a standard USB), 2 Micro USB Cables like most Android devices us, 1 Mini Cable which is what my digital camera uses, 1 USB C Cable like Macbooks use and 1 8pin cable also called a lightening cable for Apple products.

The whole thing is about 6.5 inches long and has a clip that can be hooked onto a bag or a key chain.  At this size, it fits perfectly into the pencil pouch that I keep my back-up power pack in.

Since it isn't very long, I have to keep my phone or whatever else I'm charging close to the plug.  This isn't really a problem because if I'm using the octopus, it's probably an emergency.  lol  Best part, it only costs $9.99!

I received this product at a discount for my honest review.


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